Onto the Cyber Invasion – A Space Opera with a Cyberpunk flavor

cyberpunk space opera

Full Circle is done. Now it’s onto my Space Opera & Cyberpunk story, Cyber Invasion

Full Circle

As I sit at my desk this morning, I can’t help but feel excited. My epic fantasy series, Prophecy of Axain is complete. It’s funny. The last book was the hardest to write because I had to make sure that I didn’t leave any “story promises” unanswered. There is closure on the characters from Ravenward throughout the rest of the series. I always hated it when I finished reading a series and left hanging on some minor plot point, but something I just wanted to know.

Cyber Invasion

The A.I. Conspiracy series is about Captain Lea McKenna, a Space Battle Cruiser Commander, who was off to fight pirates for a decade. After nearly losing her husband (The Marine Colonel on her ship), they are recalled to Earth only to find that it is not the same home they left. No, it was far, far worse.

The A.I. Conspiracy will be a six-part series with a unique twist at the end. It is in a dystopian setting where people who don’t get cybernetic enhancements are shunned and forbidden from getting any real jobs, including Lea McKenna. It was all done for the betterment of Humanity, right? What could go wrong? Would Murphy’s Law apply? I think you get the idea.

A.I. has become so advanced that nearly job was taken by robots. Also, the government decided to enable A.I. to make all the important decisions, because they would always be objective, right? But if it were self-aware, would it? Perhaps? Maybe? Maybe not?

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Change in the writing calendar, my science fiction novel is next

CYBERPUNK CITYI have been talking about the Dragon Wars Chronicles, but I had to make a business choice. My fantasy series did not do as well as I hoped, so my next novel has to be written to market. I know some folks think that writing to market is a four letter word, but you need to eat.

I am planning on releasing one AI Conspiracy (6 parts) novel followed by one Dragon Wars Chronicles (3-9 parts) Novel until both series are finished. I’ll keep you posted.

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Full Circle, the last book in my heroic fantasy series

epic fantasyHeroic fantasy with a twist

With Galin’s army in place, he travels to Shumnar unite the dwarves and the gnomes to destroy the Darkstriders before it is too late.

This will be a great end to the Prophecy of Axain Series. I spent more time planning this one to make sure that I tie up all the promises I made to the readers from Ravenward through Iron Fist Keep.

What’s cool is that Galin gets a chance to face the killer of his parents and . . . I guess you’ll have to wait to find out.

The writing is coming along, and I anticipate to have the first draft done by the end of April for a July 2016 release.

What’s next?

  1. Finish the writing, revising, and editing Full Circle in time for a July 2016 release.
  2. Complete Outline Dragon Mage (mostly done now)
  3. Complete Dragon Mage for an October 2016 release date.
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Heroic Fantasy or Epic Fantasy, where does your fantasy belong?

Is the Dragon War Chronicles a Heroic fantasy or an Epic fantasy?

I have been researching on tvtropes.org for Dragon Mage, trying to decide which genre the Dragon War Chronicles will fit. Well, the first thing to do would be to define epic / high fantasy, low fantasy, and heroic fantasy.

Epic / High Fantasy –  Set in another world and the story is an epic scale. It includes power, war, politics, gods, etc. The common threat in epic fantasy is that the protagonists are fighting a “great evil.” Lastly, victory is not achieved by force, rather something else. (tvtropes.org) Example:

Low fantasy – Set on another world or in contemporary times. The main feature is that characters are driven by their goals, rather than to save the world. A catch-all category, which can include urban fantasy. (tvtropes.org). Example:

Heroic Fantasy (a.k.a. sword & sorcery)- Very similar to Epic fantasy, but the scale is between epic and low fantasy, and the resolution is achievable by force. (tvtropes.org) Example:

Where does my fantasy fit in?

  • Setting – So far, all my fantasy takes place in another world.
  • Scale – I’d say moderate. It is probably between high and low fantasy in terms of size.
  • Antagonist(s) – Generally, another mortal with limited powers.
  • Methods to win – by swords and magic, of course.

With all things considered, I think all my work thus far is heroic fantasy / sword & sorcery. I do not believe there is any doubt.

If you like to dabble in other worlds, what kind of fantasy do you write?


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IFK & Full Circle & Dragon Mage Updates, finishing up my epic fantasy series

Up to the last book in the epic fantasy series, Prophecy of Axain!

Caerphilly castleIron Fist Keep

Iron Fist Keep is at the editor right now. It is always tough waiting for the inevitable “red pen” through your work. Lee Ann, who is the editor I use, always does an excellent job. She takes my work and helps me bring up a level. I expect to receive it back in 2-3 weeks. Once that is done, I will be submitting it to my new publisher and creating the eBook. It is currently wide on pre-order. The current release date is April 22, 2016, but the paperback will be available sooner than that. More to follow on that.

Full Circle

Full Circle is the conclusion of the Prophecy of Axain series. I am still partially in the pre-writing stage, but I have started. I completed the outline and the first chapter. I am twisting a the plot a bit near the end and re-reading the other material to make sure I don’t leave any promise I made from Ravenward through IFK unfulfilled.

I did order the book cover for Full Circle, as well as for the box set yesterday. The artist I use is working on a concept drawing now. I will be showing that to everyone when I get it. He promises it to be better than the past two.

The Box  Set

This is the first box set I’ve done. I am making it for marketing reasons. Some readers do not want to read a series until the series is complete while most do aren’t that concerned about it. I am looking at the making the box set exclusive to Amazon, for now.

Dragon Mage

My second project right now is making the outline and world building for the trilogy in the epic fantasy series of trilogies, Dragon War Chronicles. Dragon Mage is the first book in the Coldrage Dragon Trilogy.

What’s the plan?

  • Finish the outline for Dragon Mage
  • order cover for the first book, the Dragon Wars Chronicles logo on the front of each book, the logo for the spine, and advertisement graphics as well.
  • Write Full Circle by the end of March / early April.
  • When I need a break from writing that book, I will work on Full Circle. (My wife thinks I need to be working on two projects at once, and I told her I would give it a try)
  • Looking for a July / August release for Full Circle. I may just put it out when it’s done or just hold it off until then. It will be a business decision at that point. Most likely, I will be releasing it when everything is finished rather than waiting, that way I can get the box set out there earlier too. Hmmm.
  • Dragon Mage should be released around Thanksgiving time. I compiled my lessons learned from the first series, and I am applying them to the planning of my next one. (Too many years, nearly two decades, in the Army)

I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, complaints, or idea, please let me know in the comments section. 🙂

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