Steven Atwood, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author
Steven Atwood, Sci-FI & Fantasy Author

I grew up loving fantasy and science fiction with a longing to tell my own stories. After getting some training and a lot of study and practice, I was finally to achieve my dream. I created new worlds with engaging characters in the genre that I love.

It all started when I was just a kid that played Dungeons & Dragon in a strange little bookstore in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire back in the 1980s. My friends and I at the time love the magic, heroism, and imagination used just playing the game. That drove me into reading Margaret Weis books, among several others, like Terry Brooks.

During that time, I was a Star Wars fanatic. In addition to movies and action figures, I hoarded the Star Wars books of the time. I always loved my favorite villains, such as Darth Vader, more than the protagonists. Perhaps that was my darker side peaking out at such an early age.

Decades went by as I read countless books, wrote some short stories, but nothing ever came of it. It wasn’t until my last few years in the Army before I published my first book. After cutting my teeth in other works and different pen names, I came home to my fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Now that I am retired from the Army, all I do is write and tend to the animals on our farm here in Georgia, west of Atlanta. I hope you enjoy my work.

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