About Me

I grew up in northern New England. Like a lot of kids, unfortunately, I came from a broken home. I had to grow up faster than I wanted. I decided to join the United States Marine Corps. It was the first time I was out on my own, and I loved it. After returning from the Gulf War, I went to college and enjoyed the full college experience. I thought I was on top of the world. Everything was going great for my girlfriend and me at the time.

Then, I crashed. Lost my girlfriend, hated my new job as a copier salesperson, and I was alone in a strange city. That's where my wife came in. I tell her that she pulled me out of a bucket of sludge, hosed me off, and married me. We are still very happy to this day.

Why do I Write?

Soon after my wife and I married, the 9/11 attacks happened. After some series discussion with her, I went back into the military. But this time, I joined the US Army as an Infantry officer. I stayed in the US Army until I retire in 2018. 

When we got close to settling down, I started to write. I always told stories and wish I did write them down, but I never seemed to have to time. Determined to give it a real go, I buckled down and studied and wrote and studied and wrote some more. 

I chose science fiction and fantasy because I love those genres in both books and movies. I had to take a short break due to day job requirements, but I am back behind the keyboard again, spinning my unique and fresh tales.

My writing goal is to do this full time, and I know that, eventually, I will. Why? Because I love doing it.

Do you like Science Fiction & Fantasy?

If you like stories with a fresh twist or elements of mystery in them, you'll be right at home in my worlds. If you enjoy reading, please feel free to check out my books. 

The ebook version of Ravenward is free, which is the first in the Prophecy of Axain series. I hope you enjoy my work.