Betrayal, Book 1 in the Wars of Chaos – Update

Where are we now?

This is great. The first draft is coming along slightly quicker than I anticipated. However, those sneaky characters changed the storyline a bit. So, I followed their lead. For those of you who don’t write books, sometimes when you get into character, better plot lines appear than what you originally planned. When I was in the US Army, we used to say fight the fight, don’t fight the plan. Meaning, you have to be flexible to get a more optimal result. In this case, a better book. I Anticipate the first draft to be completed in March of this year. I’ll keep everyone informed on the progress.

What’s coming up?

After I finish the first draft and start the editing process, I’ll be looking for people to sign up to get some ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). So, when the book is finalized, I’ll send a copy out to those people in exchange for an honest book review on Goodreads or one of the other sites. So, if you’re interested, email me

Science Fiction & Fantasy Short stories?

Okay, I’m starting a short story that takes place during the period when the people are escaping Earth in the Wars of Chaos series. These will be more episodic. Unfortunately, these will primarily go towards my Patrons. There will be a few that’ll be exclusive to my mailing list, too. We’ll see.

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