Betrayed (Working Title)

If doing your duty hurts those you swore to protect, is it treason to fight back?

Just the Scillion Republic, the Kyrstan Empire was drastically short of rare earth elements. Without these minerals, space travel, power generation, and everything in modern life would come to screeching halt. Is this worth going to war? Killing billions?

Major Felix "Hutch" Baldwin finished another successful raid for the Scillion Defense Force. The no quarters policy didn't bother him until he saw who the President determined was to the enemy. It's the same people he swore to protect.

Can Hutch free his people before it's too late? What is the secret weapon the President is developing?

About the Author
Steven Atwood

I grew up reading fantasy books and watching science fiction whenever I could. When I was young, I played role-playing games within the fantasy genre. Close to the end of my military career, I started to write. It was something I always wanted to do but never did. I write science fiction and fantasy with a fresh perspective.

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