Iron Fist Keep

Everyone must prove their worth

After Galin discovers his gift, he spends over a year learning how to use his dragon magic. Later, he heads out to build his army to retake the throne from the Darkstriders, but no one is willing to join him until he has a significant victory. Artis the Black hires Tasar, a magic-wielding Dark Elf assassin, to kill Galin without turning him into a martyr. Why him? Because Tasar never fails. Can Galin escape the killer and gain the confidence of the people to join his cause before the kingdom is lost forever?

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About the Book
Series: Prophecy of Axain, Book 2
Genres: Coming of Age, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy
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Iron Fist Keep
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About the Author
Steven Atwood

I grew up reading fantasy books and watching science fiction whenever I could. When I was young, I played role-playing games within the fantasy genre. Close to the end of my military career, I started to write. It was something I always wanted to do but never did. I write science fiction and fantasy with a fresh perspective.

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