Change of Plan, Finishing A.I Conspiracy Series

After talking with my business partner and receiving input from readers, we’ve decided to complete the A.I. Conspiracy Series first. The other projects will go on hold, including my pen name material. Why? I am coming out of the wilderness and focusing on my science fiction and fantasy projects. We want to increase our production and give my readers more great content.

Due to our new focus, the first trilogy of the A.I. Conspiracy series will be complete this year. There are six books planned for the series. After I finish the first trilogy, we will begin the process to work on the next fantasy series. The plan is to alternate books in both series after both trilogies are completed until both series are complete.

So, what’s next for this year?

  1. Complete Jarak’s Secret in April (it is already half written)
  2. Write book 3, Betrayal, to complete the first trilogy
  3. Plan out Fantasy trilogy
  4. Start Book 4, The Resistance.

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