Dragons Rule Korath!

Fantasy Dragon on a hill - World ruled by Dragons
The Dragon of Hell by Baltasar Vischi

Dragons are nearly all fantasy stories are enormous powerful creatures that are old and wise, but they tend to hoard treasure. But why? Why would they ever hoard gold? It is not like that can go down to the local market and flip the shopkeep a few coins for a cow, as an afternoon snack. If they really existed, would they really behave that way? I don’t buy it.

Probably the most famous dragons that fit (or perhaps started) the stereotype can from J.R. Tolkiens epic the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Smog simply slept on the gold until the dwarves and Bilbo Baggins entered the mountain. How many decades was Smog asleep? /shrug.

Another take on dragons was by George R. R. Martin in his very successful Game of Thrones. But, in this story, they are not rulers, rather they subjected by humans with the appropriate bloodlines. Lastly, Andrzej Sapkowski encompasses all the traditional mystical creatures, in his series. But again, they don’t truly rule over others. That is where the Age of Dragons is different.

Dragonlords in Korath

The red, green, and blue dragons have a dragonlord. They rule over the others as the monarchies did over serfs in medieval Europe. But, considering dragons’ long life, if there are too many, the food supply will be destroyed and they will all starve. Also, there has to be enough to maintain control over the masses. So, the dragonkin takes that responsibility. They are generals, mages, warriors, and merchants. Dragons are burdened by all the duties of being a king. Politics, economics, diplomacy, taxes. not to mention positioning themselves for keeping the throne or moving up the line of ascension.

What about the other creatures? Yes, Korath has humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, dark elves, orcs, etc. In 2 of the Dragonlord Kingdoms, they are raised like beef for food and sold in sales barns for processing. Some are saved to be mages or for other specific reasons, such as spying on the human kingdom. The last dragonlord kingdom is adjacent to the only human kingdom. This dragon kingdom tolerates all species and welcomes all races to be citizens and does not accept slaves.

Dragons are far too powerful to be ruled by humans wielding swords, bows, and magic. They should rule the world!

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Book I in the Prismatic Dragon Trilogy

Codex of Grana

Codex of Grana

When the Dragonlords rule Korath with an iron fist, a young war steps up to save the world.

Apprentice Panas Stormrage and his Master, Arc War Mage Selena Black, travel to help the last human kingdom fight off the dragonlords. They soon discover that their only hope is to seek the Skull of Ancients and resurrect the Prismatic Dragon to save them all.

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