Skull of Power

Skull of Power

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After years of study, Timot finally passed his final test to become a fire mage. It should have been a time for celebration, but it wasn't. Aetor is a cruel and dangerous world ruled by dragons, who were chosen by the gods. One evening in his master's laboratory in the Pheonix Obelisk, the Goddess Sedea appeared. She tasks them to find the Skull of Power and retrieve from its resting place to stop a rebellion amongst the gods, which would destroy Aetor. Timot leaves the safety of his wizardry school for the first time. He teams up with a dark knight, an assassin, and a priest and crosses the world on a mission to save both heaven and earth.

As this four book series unfolds, the stakes rockets straight towards the heavens. Timot and his small party search the world for a sacred artifact forged by the gods while fighting forces from all three dragon kingdoms, who want the power all to themselves. Will Timot find the Skull of Power? Is his master's desire to find the Skull of Power genuinely to serve the Goddess Sedea or some other purpose? If the Goddess of the Shadows gets her hands on the Skull of Power, what happens to Aetor? Can he stop the Cassa V and her empire from enslaving the whole planet?

Skull of Power is an action-packed and spellbinding adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you like to read Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson, you'll enjoy this book.

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