I’m Back!

If you are one of my fans, you would have noticed a delay in my writings. In truth, I had some recent health issues. After my surgery, I am doing much much better. Now, I am back to continue writing and getting you all great stories.

I’m focusing on my new fantasy trilogy in the Age of Dragons series. The bottom line, these stories will be in this world, where each story will further develop Korath into a living breathing world where my readers will be able to see themselves saving the day.

My production schedule will include the complete Prismatic Dragon trilogy will be complete this year, along with one or two novella side stories.

Also this year, I will be attending the ComiCon in Atlanta and other conventions this fall in the southeast. I hope to see you all there.

Again, thanks for coming back. To keep up to date with publications and to get free exclusive content, please sign up for my monthly newsletter below. 🙂

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