Korath, In the Begining, Part I

Learn about the world featured in Codex of Grana, an upcoming epic fantasy trilogy, the Prismatic Dragon, an Age of Dragons story.

Korath, home of the Age of Dragons stories
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From the ancient Korathian Scrolls…

In the Begining, there was nothing but darkness. The Udar, the King of the Gods and God of Chaos, was alone. He traveled from universe to universe, from one reality to another, and he found nothing. He mustered all his strength and created Zira, Goddes of Wealth. Her beauty captivated him as if she cast a spell over him. In her honor, Udar created the Rulas, the Saphire Plain, home of the gods for all time.

Soon, Remmas, the God of the Forge and Life, was born. His scaly hide, and dark eyes filed his parents with pride. A few million years later, another god was born, Onos, God of Justice. Both children brought nothing but honor to the young celestial family. Then she was born, darkest of the gods and goddesses, Morrena, Goddes of Shadows. Her charismatic aura and beauty that rivaled her mother’s got her nearly everything she wanted from Udar. 

One day, another god appeared, Axdros, the God of war, with his bride, Grana, Goddess of the Underworld, who appeared to Udar and Zira. Udar was so happy that celestials exist that he declared Axdros and Grana brother and sister of the King and Queen of the Gods. Their children, Axdros, God of War, and Aros, Goddess of the Dead, bounded immediately with Morrena, Onos, and Remmas. Life was good for a time.

After a few million millenniums, life in Rulas was boring. After more and more gods appeared and Udar’s kingdom, Morrena, and the other children became restless. They wanted to be the gods and goddesses of something that worships them. Morrena and Axdros went to Remmas and tricked him to created a single universe. Even though Remmas knew it was against Udar’s orders, just the thought of creating whole worlds and the cosmos where they can exist was too tempting. He knew Morrena and Axdros lied to him, but he always wanted to do it. They were his excuse when they get caught.

Remmas shaped and molded each world in his forge, cranking out rocks, dirt, beasts, and thinking creatures, called humans, elves, gnomes, just to name a few. When he was done, Korath was born. A primitive world were dragons, and other reptiles ruled over the mammals due to their strength and innate magical abilities, given to them by Morrena herself. 

Then one day, the mammals fought back. 

To Be Continued…

Codex of Grana, Book 1 of The Prismatic Dragon, An Age of Dragons Trilogy,

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