After the fall of Iron Fist Keep, warriors and war mages came out of hiding to join Galin’s cause. Even with their additional numbers, he does not have enough soldiers to retake the Kingdom of Axain. As the prophecy predicted, Galin, Jena, Ellis, and Mae all headed north solicit help from the Dwarf and Gnome Kings. Will they attack Staerdale Castle in time before the Darkstrider reinforcements arrive from Setan?

After nearly two decades of being King, Kade of Ravenward, also known as Kade the Usurper, is a mere shadow of his former self. He wasn’t really King, everything he wanted to do had to be cleared through his Darkstrider Advisor, Tanyl. He relived the night he murdered his brother’s family in his nightmares. Kade took comfort that he never faced his nephew, Galin V of Ravenward. He wouldn’t kill Galin like he did his father. What would he do if he had no choice? What was more important, the throne or his family?

Full Circle is the final chapter in the Prophecy of Axain series.

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What people are saying about Full Circle

5 Stars

I have read all of the books and each one just gets better. Full Circle did not let me down, if is full of adventure and twists that keep surprising you.
Galin makes new friends and allies. Then friends betray them at the worst time possible, but what do you expect during war. I have really enjoyed reading Full Circle it is a very good wrap up of the series. - Bill Payne

5 Stars

I enjoyed this book, as I did the others in this series. Galin finds new allies, discovers new enemies, and unlocks new abilities with his dragon magic. And just when they think all hope is lost, one comes through for them. - Katy Rogers