Murder. Betrayal. Vengeance.


Seth Feran has always wanted to be a fisherman until the Darkstriders invade his village. When they attack Sally, his adoptive mother, and his adoptive father refuses to avenge her, Seth knows he must discard his childhood dreams for his duty.

The Dark Elf warriors are hunting for the prophesied boy king who uses magic and will unite the world against them. Their leader, Shania, lost her brother and father to the humans, and her mouth waters at the chance for revenge.

Prophecy of Axain is the second installment in this young adult epic fantasy series, Prophecy of Axain. If you like fresh fantasy adventure stories with a twist, you’ll love Steven Atwood’s Prophecy of Axain.

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What people are saying about Prophecy of Axain

5 Stars

Its 13 years after the first book. The Prince and rightful heir is a child right around the age of manhood. He faces challenges and decisions. He whines just a little. He's hot-headed and has some of that teenage attitude. But it also take place in the same great world we saw in the first book. We meet new characters and few old ones and we see a baby prince decide to take the first steps into taking his kingdom back, or does he? fighting and family, tragedy and love, everything all wrapped up into one to make this an amazing read. - Katy Perry Rogers

4 Stars

With Prophecy of Axain, we make a jump in time and just like Seth, we discover who he really is and watch him grow into the role which is meant to be.
With this fast-paced book full of action - building up to an awesome climax, the end came way too and I look forward to finding out what Atwood has in store for us with Iron Fist Keep (book 3)! - Nina Caramelita

Prophecy of Axain Series Order

  1. Ravenward
  2. Prophecy of Axain
  3. Iron Fist Keep
  4. Full Circle