The Scillion Republic (Betrayal’s Back Story, Part 1)

Betrayal, a Space Opera, Back Story, Part 1

Captain Felix “Hutch” Balwin is a senior Republic Defense Forces Marine company commander for the Scillion Republic. The large galactic “nation-state” was spawned from the descendants of the original colonist from Old Earth that split from the followers of Krystan. The republic expanded from one to eight planets, before the Great War. The Scillion Republic’s rebellious son is one of the focuses of the Wars of Chaos Series.


The Scillion Republic contains eight planets with Scillion as the capital. Their other planets include Otania, Luivis, Aglevis, Kustovia, Ospyria, Bustalia, and Thyron. While each world has representation in the Parliament, the President overseeing all of them. If the President vetoes a bill, it takes 4/5th of the Parliament to override it, which is nearly impossible. The only item the President doesn’t directly control is the budget. The most potent weapon of the executive branch is the secret police. Anyone who is against the President, is against the Republic, right?


The Scillion Republic Defense Force (RDF) is the military. It is broken down into a space navy (RDF Navy) and space marines (RDF Marines). Both elements cover space, air, ground forces, and assault forces. Although their technology, training, and combat effectiveness is next to none, the RDF is degrading. The lack of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) has half the fleet of 20 Fleet Groups mothballed, and the overall readiness is in sharp decline. If the trend continues, the Scillion Republic will become defenseless and vulnerable to the Krystan Empire, their mortal enemy.

Law Enforcement

The Republic Security Force (RSF) is the republic’s law enforcement arm. The leader of the RSF’s title is General, not a director or chief or anything like that. Why is that important? As the title suggests, the RSF enforces the law in an autocratic fashion rather than observing individual rights. The uniformed officers enforce the local laws, while the officers in civilian clothes seek out dissenters. Could this agency be corrupt?


The court system is not too dissimilar from the United States. The Supreme Court is on Scillion (No surprise there), but each planet has their overall appellant court. Lastly, each world is divided up into districts. This is where the local crimes are prosecuted. In the Scillion judicial system, you are guilty until proven innocent.


The Scillion Intelligence Community (SIC) has its talons throughout the Scillion Republic, the Krystan Empire, and the De-Militarized Zone. Besides intelligence gathering, their missions also include assassinations and subversion. Their primary assets include human intelligence (HUMINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), and site exploitation.


The Scillion Republic sounds great in name, but may not be in practice. History is filled with governments that give the appearance of democratic-like government where reality is much different. When a marine officer swears to protect the people, if he or she finds out that the people’s worst enemy is the government itself, what should he do?

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