The Scillion Republic vs. The Krystan Empire

Betrayal, book 1 of the Wars of Chaos, a Space Opera

The wars between the Scillion Republic and the Krystan Empire nearly destroyed one another. Every society, even ours here on Earth, depend on natural resources, specifically Rare Earth Elements or REEs. These elements are needed for nearly everything in modern life, from lasers, high refractive glass, batteries, power generation, etc. When these to competing planets begin to run out of REEs, the people become less critical than minerals. This is where the novel, Betrayal begins. But, how did it all start?

Both Societies come from Earth

Milleniums from now, the Earth will be on the verge of becoming uninhabitable. Some space travel was developed, but there weren’t enough ships to take everyone. Countries, families, corporations, unions, and other organizations that had vessels loaded up, heading out into deep space to find a new home. Most ships went off in their way.

Two capital ship captains, Jacob Scillion and Hans Krystan, stayed together, leading over three-hundred ships. The ragtag fleet of ships was missing one key technology to ensure that they were able to find a new home. Both faster than light travel and cryogenic suspension weren’t a reality at that point. No, everyone onboard knew all of them would die on their ship and maybe, their distant descendants will occupy a New Earth.

Knowing their inevitable fate, Scillion and Krystan swore to be unified forever. Together, they created a loosely connected government, trying to increase their chances of survival. They never fought or even argued in public. No, these two heroes saved the remnants of the human race. When Krystan died of old age, Scillion wept by his side.

The Long Journey

Over the centuries, the once unified fleet became fractured, choosing between the Scillion and Krystan factions. Generations were born, grew up, and died on those ships. Soon, the real Jacob Scillion and Hans Krystan became a distant memory. Earth? The home of the human race was reduced to a single paragraph in the sacred scriptures.

As spare parts became harder and harder to find, tension grew. Food, fuel, and other resources became more scarce. The Scillions and the Krystans began to fight each other over them. Fortunately, the ships were so old that the weapons no longer worked.

Then came the Day of Rage. The Scillions boarded the Krystans cargo ships, executing the crew and passengers. By the time the Krystan Marines arrived and eliminated the threat, they lost at least 30% of people aboard that vessel. Jose Krystan called Michael Scillion, demanding a conference to stop this or none of them will survive.

For the first time in nearly 100 years, the two factions sat down at the negotiation table reminiscent of their forefathers. As if fate, two habitable planets a light year apart came onto the scopes. The two captains determined maybe it would be better if they part ways.

As they settled down on their respective planets, now called Scillion and Krystan, their technology finally gave out. With no resources to rebuild the old Earth technology, they descended into barbarism, forgetting about each other.

A few hundred years later, the Scillion Republic developed a new type of technology, which used the local REEs. Yes, they even achieved some space flight. When they had “first contact” with the Krystan Empire, fear and enveloped the planet. Eventually, leading to the Great War. But, that is another story…

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