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Steven Atwood
Steven Atwood

I grew up loving fantasy and science fiction with a longing to tell my own stories. After getting some training and a lot of study and practice, I was finally to achieve my dream. I created new worlds with engaging characters in the genre that I love.

If you enjoy heroic and epic/high fantasy or science fiction with a fresh twist, you’ll enjoy my books.

Fresh Fantasy Tales

My fantasy has elements of heroic fantasy and epic fantasy in each story. If you fast-paced fantasy with epic implications or if you love to delve into strange new magical worlds, then you’ll really enjoy my fantasy book.

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Exciting Sci-Fi Stories

I typically write action and adventure science fiction with a touch of military sci-fi. The books I write are full of twists and turns.

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Current Project: Codex of Grana


When the Dragonlords rule Korath with an iron fist, a young war steps up to save the world.

Apprentice Panas Stormrage and his Master, Arc War Mage Selena Black, travel to help the last human kingdom fight off the dragonlords. They soon discover that their only hope is to seek the Skull of Ancients and resurrect the Prismatic Dragon to save them all.

The Prismatic Dragon Trilogy is the beginning of the larger Age of Dragons series. On Korath, dragons are not some beast who hoard gold and sleep all day. Here, they rule as the most powerful creatures on the planet should.

The Age of Dragons will consist of different trilogies, stand-alone books, short stories, and novellas, all further developing this rich and alive fantasy world.

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Codex of Grana
Due:3 months ago

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